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PreciseIT Client Reviews

We take pride in the satisfaction of our clients and below is just a small sample of their comments. These are unedited member reviews from Angie’s List where year after year we maintain an A+ rating. Please feel to contact us with any questions or request a service call. Thank you!

Darren H.
We are a medium sized company without our own IT department. We have a server with PC, laptops, slim clients, iPads… you name it. Pete is excellent to work with. He really cares about us and has come up with some great solutions. He’s been able to come in late when needed to get the job done. I would recommend him to anyone. We’ve been using him for a couple of years on going since I found him here.

Mary G.
Pete repaired a corrupted Windows registry that had prevented my desktop from starting up. He checked all the system hardware to rule out any “electrical” issues that might have caused the problem. Also installed free anti-virus software. Installed all outstanding operating system patches. Backed up system to an external drive and installed freeware to automate the backup process. Set up my home network to allow file and printer sharing and also set up synchronization software between my desktop and laptop. Pete is knowledgeable and a delight to work with. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He picked up my desktop and did most of the work at his office so I would not have to pay for time he’d have to spend waiting for things to load if working at my home. When he returned my desktop, he spent two hours setting up my home network for sharing, explaining exactly what he was doing at each step. He gave me instructions on how to make the printer accessible from my son’s laptop without interfering with settings necessary to make his laptop work on his school’s network. I especially appreciated Pete’s “holistic” approach. He not only solved the start up problem, he also checked the health of my entire system. Someone else I called said my problem was probably hardware related and would continue to happen until I replaced my computer, and set me up with freeware to take care of system backups and virus protection.

Alex L.
My computer had been acting very flaky for more than a month- shutting off suddenly, freezing, etc. It seemed like a hardware problem, but nothing I tried seemed to help and the problem kept getting worse. I was on the verge of buying a new PC when I called Pete. He came in, took the whole machine apart piece by piece, and tested everything as he went. After a couple hours, he had isolated an obscure problem with one of the two processors in the box. We ordered a new processor and now the box is running like a charm again. As far as I’m concerned, Pete saved me $1000! Pete was great. He’s friendly, polite, and clearly knows his way around a PC. I know a good deal about computers, enough to replace memory, hard drives, and the like, but I never would have caught this problem. He was excellent.

Anne L.
Pete did a great job! He helped me program my new computer and also helped debug my laptop. He was really patient and explained everything that was wrong and how he was going to fix it. Although I don’t remember the exact cost, it was more than reasonable! Pete was on time, diligent and very friendly. If you are having any type of computer issues, use this service!

Greg C.
Took my PC to Pete Slonka because I heard a troubling sound coming from it. I was afraid it was the hard drive. Pete quickly diagnosed it as defective fan (whew!). Pete replaced the fan and also did several other minor things that significantly improved the PC’s performance. Additional comments. Outstanding! In addition to fixing the problem, Pete swapped out my old processor with a surplus unit he had in the shop, installed a new video card, removed some unnecessary software, and configured the back-up routine. All for under $200! My PC is a 2004 vintage Dell that I was contemplating replacing, but no need now. Great work!

Diane A.
Pete came in to help me with a variety of small things that were driving me nuts about my computer. This included monitor resolution, desktop configuration, confusion about back-up and security. Pete was exceptional. I have had experience with three previous companies offering this kind of service. They were bigger, more expensive, very frustrating and unprofessional around scheduling. Pete was friendly, totally professional, extremely efficient, fixed everything I needed and provided additional suggestions. Including one that has increased my computer speed significantly. There is no doubt that I would use him again and I have already recommended him to several of my family members and colleagues.

Peter L.
Pete of Pro PC took cleaned my hard drive of a virus, installed better (free!) antivirus software, recommended that I upgrade my RAM and installed it, answered all questions. I called Pete, described the problem – a nasty virus that took over my Windows program – and he had me bring the PC over Saturday morning. By Sunday morning it was ready to pick up – except that he advised me to pick up more RAM from a computer accessory store, which he helpfully installed. He took off Norton Antivirus and installed AVG, a free antivirus system. Couldn’t be better!

Tania M.
Responded to my email within 24 hours with diagnostic information and solution to my computers’ problem. When I sent Pete an email requesting help because my laptop USB ports stop connecting, I had a response from him within hours. I then contacted him by phone to make sure that he understood the issue. He diagnosed the problem and gave me options to have it fixed, recommending that I buy a USB slot card, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to repair it. I followed his recommendation and now the computer works perfectly. I am so impressed with his fast response to my request for help and above all with his honesty, not to mention his willingness to give me the right information and recommendation without even looking at the computer (and charge me for it). Pete is also very courteous and easy to talk to, answering all my questions without making me feel ashamed of my limited knowledge about computers. I strongly recommend him and I will definitely use him again for any problems with computers.

Chris D.
My PC had been invaded by some pretty nasty viruses and spy-ware. Pete (the owner of Pro PC Service) was very responsive and spent several hours and multiple occasions working on it. He was always courteous and sensitive to my concerns. He is very punctual and professional as well. In the end, he was unable to repair the issue and had to wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything in order to restore my machine. However, he tried very hard to resolve the issue before proceeding to wipe the drive (with my permission). So an A+ for effort and a B+ for achievement! Pete is terrific, highly recommended.

Jennifer B.
Updated home wireless network and improved in house reception, updated and cleaned up a Dell desktop and Sony laptop. Worked on home ethernet network to liven up a number of dead jacks to make it functional. Update firmware on Apple Airport as well. Pete was very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient getting the job done. He was a real pleasure to work with and I would definitely use him again. We needed to improve a number of things related to our home wireless and wired network including areas of poor reception in the house and he solved all our problems for this. Also he cleaned up a 2 year old Dell desktop and a 6 year old Sony Laptop that I thought I was going to have to replace. He made it work practically like new, so that it now works very fast and I won’t have to buy a new laptop. All this and he is also a very friendly and pleasant guy to be around – he was in our house working for over 4 hours.

Carol H.
Pete was very knowledgeable and efficient. For example, in addition to networking our computers as requested, he also figured out how to hard wire an older computer into the network, which was extremely beneficial. Pete went with the flow. He was very easy to have around and had no problem with our making two Staples runs while he was there as the networking project evolved. He really knew what he was doing and had the network up and running in short order. It’s continuing to run beautifully. Working with Pete was very convenient. I called him on a Friday and he was able to come to our house the next day. The Saturday visit was a plus as my husband and I both work. Pete is a true professional. It was a pleasure to deal with such a well mannered and competent contractor.

Elisabeth T.
We have a small office and Pete came and helped us sped up a 2 very slow computers by adding RAM and cleaning them up, fixed problems with MS outlook on 2 computers, transferred software and data from one PC to a lap top, networked all four of our computers and 2 printers for general company access, fixed the scanning application on a broken HP all in one printer and most famously fixed our wireless network which 3 PC repair companies hadn’t been able to fix. Plus he did a ton of other general computer clean up stuff. Working with Pete Slonka was fantastic. He worked on multiple computers at one time and was very friendly and easy to work with. He got things functioning in our office that we have had others look at before. Our small office is technically functioning better than it was when all of the equipment was new. He was also very quick to respond. We will use him again for all of our computer needs.

Edward H.
Pete was excellent. Easy to work with; honest; reasonable. He took an old dell computer and made it like new so that we could give it to a novice user for email, web, etc. I highly recommend using Pete.

Jeremy R.
I bought a new computer from Best Buy and has them install software. In the process, it made my computer unusable i.e. could not download iTunes onto computer, could not use Internet. Over the phone, Peter walked me through the process of fixing my computer. It now works perfectly and I couldn’t be happier. Peter was very easy to work with and did a great job for a very reasonable price. If you have any type of computer issues that need to be resolved, I would highly recommend Peter. I plan on using him in the future if I have any other issues on my new computer or my old one.

Walter W.
After describing the problem to Pete, he gave phone advice on what needed to be done to fix the computer. Pete gave a quote to retrieve all my data (and I have a lot of it), wiping out the hard drive, reformat and reinstall all my programs, files, folders, and data. I could not afford all that work at this time. He then suggested that at the very least he would retrieve all the data. We had a deal! He made an appointment for me to drop off the computer within a few hours. Pete did retrieve my data, he gave extra advice and suggestions, and no surprise charges. He phoned daily to touch base until I could pick up the CPU. After a scan of my computer by my internet provider, the computer developed the “blue screen of death”. I could not even get the DVD drives to work to save my data. After dealing with the software and internet companies, paid on line advice and on line programs, I broke down and phoned Pete. He explained over the phone that the problem could not be “fixed”, the hard drive would need to be wiped out, reformatted, and the operating system reinstalled. I could not afford all of the above, so Pete offered to retrieve my data and write it to DVDs. I went this route since I have formatted a hard drive and reinstalled programs in the past. Pete had me bring the CPU to him right away with a commitment to have the work done by the end of the day or the next day. Due to my circumstances, I couldn’t pick up the CPU until the third day. Pete phoned me every day with an update or to make arrangements to pick up the CPU. Pete seemed to have a good command of the I.T. field and he was well mannered and a pleasure to deal with. Should they ever need it, I have passed his cards out to family and friends. Do business with Pete again? Absolutely and without hesitation! Pete went above and beyond my expectations.

Rina D. (Brighton, MA)
Tried to fix busted laptop (only 18 mos old!) I didn’t buy the extended warranty, ugh! Pete then advised us on where to buy a new laptop, what to look for and advised us to buy the extended warranty this time. Of course we listened to him. He came by our business again, made sure our networking was running smoothly, fixed our email problems, and kept us in business!! Pete presents well, clean cut, well spoken, professional and patient. I would recommend his services to anyone! We found Pete on Angie’s List. Best thing we ever did! We took too long to write our report… He came to our home based business and worked on two laptops. One was just old and he cleaned it up so it would run faster. The newer laptop was fried. But he advised us what to buy and where. Then he came back and made it all work. We have called on him ever since. Sometimes he needs to come out to our business and sometimes he can do the work remotely. It all works, because we are able to keep business moving. His price is right on, but it is his reliability and professionalism that keep us coming back! Keep up the good work Pete!

Paul C. (Boston, MA)
I asked Pete to check out my disc drive since I had been getting error messages saying there was something wrong with the disc drive. My computer (laptop) was also very slow and erratic. Pete determined the disc drive was OK, but the computer was loaded with debris. He cleaned up the machine, removed a bunch of programs that were not needed and replaced others with better alternatives. At my request he added main memory. Pete also added automatic cleanup features to keep the computer working well and a remote assistance program so he can help me in the future without actually having the laptop. Pete picked up the laptop on a Tuesday and had it all ready to go Wednesday morning. He called me and went over the things he found and things he did in detail. I opted to pick the laptop up to save a day and when I arrived Pete went over everything again on the laptop. The laptop never ran as well. I am very pleased.

Cara A.
Critical data was retrieved from our company computer that had been destroyed by a shortage in the electrical supply. My husband (and business partner) and I had just returned from our honeymoon and found that our company computer wouldn’t power up. We couldn’t run our business without the vital information stored on that computer. We e-mailed Pete on a Sunday night and were responded to within the hour. The computer was dropped off Monday morning and the issue esolved by Monday evening. Pete diagnosed the problem; obtained all the information we needed and put what he could fit on our smaller external hard drive. He kept in touch the entire day to let us know when he would be ready to return the external drive and original hard drive. We were amazed at his speed and ability to explain what the issue was to two computer illiterate people.

Jennifer C.
Pete helped me troubleshoot a problem with my CD drive not working. It turned out my CD drive couldn’t be easily fixed, so he recommended that instead of putting a lot of money into an older laptop, I buy an external drive instead. He sent me links to drives I could purchase, including one that was $20 cheaper than the one I could buy in a store. The whole process was fair, honest, and reasonably priced. He was also very easy and pleasant to work with. I would definitely go to him again.

Danny B.
Pete completed tune-ups on 3 computers to improve performance. Installed very useful free software utility tools. Installed an automatic backup system. Installed additional memory in one computer. Member Comments: Mr. Slonka arrived on time. He worked on 3 computers simultaneously. My computers are faster than ever. He was very pleasant to talk with as he waited for restarts to complete. Overall, a really good experience. I would highly recommend this company.

Wilbur S.

Pete ordered and replaced the fan in my computer and then cleaned it up. It was very slow and full of viruses. Pete was very responsive! We exchanged a few emails where I explained my problems (problem with fan and very slow). We then confirmed over the phone that he would order the new fan and call when it came in. I paid via pay pal and he called when it arrived. I dropped the computer off at his house and discussed the issues I was having. He called a few hours later and said it was running good as new. He even dropped it off at my house!! He was able to find the fan a bit cheaper than first thought, so he charged me less for the labor and clean up. I would highly recommend Pete. He was very nice and professional and my computer really is good as new!

David J.
I was very pleased with the work performed by Pro PC Service, and I will use their services again. Pete was able to do all of his work remotely, and on the same day that I contacted him. His friendly, professional manner was in welcome contrast to the endless holds & scripted-quality conversations I had experienced with national/ internationally based computer repair services.

Richard D.
Pete cleaned up and streamlined a sluggish laptop that had recently crashed and lost files. He also made suggestions regarding hardware and software I needed to bring my computer up-to-date. I had an excellent experience working with Pete and will definitely seek his expertise again. He arrived promptly and had things back on track in less than an hour. He also suggested upgrades I could do myself to keep expenses down.

Holly H.
My computer had gotten slower and slower over several months and was so slow that Pete thought it best to reconfigure the hard drive and reinstall everything. He did so in less than 24 hours in the middle of a snowstorm. I dropped it off and picked it up. He even onfigured an IPOD I was hoping to sync for a Christmas present.

Mark F.
I had a spy ware virus problem and Pete helped me to get rid of it in a timely fashion (he is always great about getting back to you quickly via phone or email). I had used Pro PC’s services in the past (to get a computer up and running, to transfer some databases) and was very satisfied by the professionalism and quality of work. Can’t say enough about how much I appreciate having a resource like Pete, even more so being a sole business practitioner who relies on a provider like Pete. It went very well. Pete was able to help me resolve the problem remotely (he didn’t even need to come to my office) and the issues were resolved in a matter of hours. The remote assist feature is a nice feature as this saves time and money. I can’t say enough about the quality of the work. I have great confidence in the work he performs and he is a trustworthy, honest individual.